Financial Secrets Revealed

Financial Secrets Revealed
Collective wisdom from business gurus, financial geniuses and everyday heroes
Amanda Cassar

Amanda Cassar is a financial adviser from the Gold Coast in Queensland. She is a qualifying member of the international group the Million Dollar Round Table, which is where it appears she has met many of the people she interviewed in this book.

It’s no secret that hearing about other peoples’ life journeys and how they manage their finances is of high interest to me. Hence, I found this book to offer a lot of value in that regard. She interviews a good spread of women and men, which I like and more importantly for us Aussies most of the interviewees are from Australia. No offence to other nations intended, I just find that many of the great personal finance books and personalities tend to be American which means some of the information presented is not relevant to our financial environment.

One interesting take away was David Batchelor’s ( The Wills & Trusts Group, UK) comments about learning early the benefit of personal development. He follows Jim Rohn’s advice from his book The Art of Exceptional Living. Live on 70 percent of what you earn. Break the other 30 percent into three pots: 10 percent for long-term savings, 10 percent for future financial independence and not to be touched. 5 percent to give to charity and finally the last 5 percent for spending on what ever you want.  Not a bad strategy.

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