It’s Rising Time!

It’s Rising Time!
A Call For Women: What it really takes for the reward of financial freedom
Kim Kiyosaki

Kim Kiyosaki is the wife of the well-known investor and author Robert Kiyosaki. Until recently when I stumbled upon this book in the library I didn’t realise she too is a kick-ass investor and author.

This book is based on the premise of what Kiyosaki calls The Triple-A Triangle. In order to achieve your financial goals you first Aspire: choose your dream, then Acquire: this is where you get educated and gather information and finally Apply: where you put what you have learnt in to action. Sound advice. Being an American living in America some of what she writes about is specific to America. However, a major component of the text is about having an investment mindset, which, can be applied wherever you live.

There are reoccurring themes throughout the book of taking action, maintaining a positive attitude, backing yourself and solving problems; all necessary skill for navigating the world of personal finance. Worth the read.

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