The Barefoot Investor

The Barefoot Investor
The only money guide you will ever need
Scott Pape

If you’re in Australia where I am, unless you have been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you would have heard of Scott Pape the Barefoot Investor. I would recommend his books if you are just starting out with managing your money and want to learn the basics of managing your money in a very simple way. He is all about simplicity which is great and I highly recommend him.

Pape is an unapologetic Aussie bloke who says it like it is and has an ability to really simplify financial concepts. An essential read for any Australian starting out on their financial journey. I think what really distinguishes Pape and explains why this book is a best seller is that he lays out a step by step program you can follow along with.  He doesn't use any jargon and this makes this book so accessible to the everyday person.  Pape also includes references to actual financial organisation such as banks, super funds and fund managers that he uses.  This is such a selling point for me, as even though he is not suggesting you use who he uses, it gives you a reference point and somewhere to start researching what may be suitable for the reader.  A top read.

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