The Year of Less

The Year of Less
How I stopped shopping, gave away my belongings, and discovered life is worth more than anything you can buy in a store
Cait Flanders

Do you have more stuff than money?  What are you holding on to?

In this compelling story, Cait shares what happens when money, minimalism, and mindfulness cross paths.

'When she realised that nothing she was doing or buying was making her happy- only keeping her from meeting her goals- she set herself a challenge: she would not shop for an entire year.

The Year of Less documents Cait's life for twelve months during which she bought only consumables: toiletries, gas for her car. Along the way, she decluttered her apartment and got rid of 70 percent of her belongings.'

Grab a copy of the book to learn how to let go to have more.

You can get a copy of the book >>here<<.

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