Wonder Woman’s Guide to Money

Wonder Woman's Guide to Money
The Busy Woman's Guide to Money Management and Wealth Building
Natasha Janssens

Written by a working mum of two, the Wonder Woman's Guide to Money addresses the plight of the modern-day 'Wonder Woman' and helps her shift the way she feels about money forever by providing the tools, strategies and insight to take control of her financial future.

The growing pressure on today's woman to 'do it all' is immense.  She has a career, runs the household and is the primary caregiver of her children, while still being held to outdated standards about her appearance and role in society.  Moreover, despite being the primary household spenders, research has found that women tend to shy away from money matters and tend to have less financial confidence than men.  Despite increasing about gender equality and closing the gender pay gap, progress is slow, and in some respects, non-existent.  In fact, a recent UBS study found that millennial women- more than any other generation - are leaving investing and financial planning decisions to their husbands and partners.  A decision that can leave many women in very vulnerable positions when things don't go to plan.

This book is a stepping stone to getting your finances on track.  Written by a woman for women.

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