How to be a Super Smart Woman

How to be a Super Smart Woman
New Strategies for Superannuation
Pauline Taylor

This is an important book that all Australian women should read.

Understand your super ladies! It’s your money and your future, do yourself a favour and empower yourself with knowledge about this topic.

If you ever read this Pauline- thank you for writing this book. Statistically women live longer than men. In addition to this on average men retire with more super than women. Why? Super is designed to work with consistent, regular contributions over a long period of time. Many women take time out of the work force to raise a family, furthermore when they return to work it is often in a part time capacity. This can have a dramatic effect on women’s super in retirement. There are many things you can do to make sure you have a healthy super in retirement. I highly recommend this book for women of all ages to learn how to make the most of their super.

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