The $1000 Project

The $1000 Project
A easy guide to mindful saving, active earning and financial wellbeing
Canna Campbell

I have so much respect for this inspiring woman. I first discovered Canna’s You Tube channel about a year ago and admit I haven’t seen a lot of her channel as watching a You Tube is not something I can do while driving, which is the time when I do a lot of my financial study by listening to podcasts and audio books. So it wasn’t until more recently that I realised she had published a couple of books too. Well I’m yet to read her second book Mindful Money but after reading this one I will certainly be getting my hands on it as soon as possible. The $1000 Project is a fantastic and realistic challenge to create more money. Canna details how she came to creating it and her 12 month journey to reach her goal of making a passive income of $2000 per year by creating and investing 40 parcels of $1000. She fell just short of achieving her goal but so what! She achieved so much more by learning about herself and inspiring others. I absolutely love that she didn’t sugar coat how hard it was to do and that there were many times she had to dig deep to stay committed to her goal. To top it off this is a really easy read. I think it only took me a couple of nights to finish it. I highly recommend this book.

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