Mindful Money

Mindful Money
A real guide to building and managing financial independence in a busy world
Canna Campbell

I have so much respect for this inspiring woman. Her first book "The $1000 Project" is a fantastic and realistic challenge to create more money.

In this book Canna takes you to the next level by outlining how to create a passive income.  Like myself Canna is a mother of two and goes out of her way to help support other women with their finances.  She is an experienced financial planner and imparts her expert financial knowledge is this book in a practical and approachable way.  She takes you though a process to reach 'your number'- the amount of money you need to be financially independent.

Just like in her first book Canna covers money and wealth from a place of abundance.  It's not just the nuts and bolts of money management.  She also includes important information about having the right mindset around money.

"She shows you how to look at your finances with holistic and powerful mindfulness, easily incorporating her step-by-step advice into your daily habits and routines. From new banking rituals and money mindsets to growing passive income through shares and property, she will help you shed the excess and embrace what you really love, value, use and appreciate - including your necessary luxuries. Canna leads by example, sharing her personal tips and tricks for building, managing and protecting your money. No matter what you earn or what level of knowledge you have, Mindful Money will help you to see that financial independence is achievable."

I LOVE reading about money in books by Australian women. So good! Check it out.

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